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We follow the global printing trends: down density, down gauging and environmentally friendly container labels. We produce monolayer labels on white, transparent, and metalized substrates with different inks, finishes, technologies, and combinations.

Specialists in short runs
We are versatile and quick to respond, ready to become your best ally in all your marketing promos and special releases.

We are Experienced Innovators who know how to technically solve your creative concerns.

We have the experience and technology to make special promotions like:

  • PepsiCo Emojis
  • Share a Coke
  • Season labels
  • Labels with collectible stickers marketing like Panini World Cup and Avengers
  • Thermo sentive labels (change color with temperature)
  • Scratch and find (promotional text below the surface)
  • Promotional with reverse printing
  • Glow in the dark labels
  • Photosensitive labels (activated by sunlight)

We work alongside our customers to develop container labels for promotional campaigns, launches, and market testing.

Our monolayer flexographic process helps us to speed up the production process to satisfy your short runs and innovative marketing needs.

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