BOPP Monolayer Labels


One of the advantages of having a monolayer label as opposed to a laminated label is the more than 20% saving in plastic consumption, which is great for the environment and favors a circular economy. Another advantage is the elimination of curling, a defect that is a nuisance for label users. Our monolayer labels meet the requirements for PET bottle recycling process with flotation properties and also complies with the APR - HDPE Bleeding Label Test process (HDPE-S-01).


  • Ideal for short runs
  • Cutting edge Flexo HD technology up to 11 inks
  • Wrap around labels
  • Monolayer film
  • Printing on transparent, white, or metallized sustrate
  • Optimal machine performance and high labeling speed
  • High resistance to temperature changes and humidity
  • Safe for food and beverages as secondary packaging
  • Ideal for PET, PP, PE, HDPE, and glass bottles
  • The preferred one for carbonated soft drinks, juices, energy drinks and water
  • High resistance to cleaners and some aggressive chemicals
  • No curling
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